To provide educational experiences related to careers, finance and nutrition for individuals to encourage and enable them to be self-reliant, productive members of society.

The Leightman Maxey Foundation has recently modified its grant process in an effort to better partner and build relationships with nonprofit organizations doing work aligned with the Foundation’s mission. The Foundation’s expectation is that deeper conversations will lead to better understandings from both the perspective of the Foundation and the applying organization.

There will still be two funding cycles a year and applications will continue to be due by midnight on March 1 and September 1. The application process will remain online and can be accessed using the ‘Grant Application’ tab on the Foundation’s website. The format of the online application has been streamlined to include fewer questions. Once submitted, all applications will go through an initial review. Some will be denied at this stage and some will move forward for further consideration. If an organization’s application moves forward, it is likely that a site visit will be arranged.

The site visit will be an opportunity for the Foundation to have a deeper conversation and get a more in-depth understanding of your request for a grant. It will require that the Executive Director, a Board member and possibly others from the organization be present at the site visit. Before the site visit, you will be provided with questions that you may be asked by the Foundation. The purpose of the site visit is to have a very candid conversation. The Foundation wants to understand your organization, the leadership and the work you do in order that it can make the most informed and best funding decisions.

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